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As you all might know till now that I love Yellow/Mustard color for all season specially for spring/summer. I feel like as days are getting brighter our outfits should also get brighter and of bold colors. I know there might be a lot of people who may not agree with me, but I strongly feel that Red & Yellow now can be included as staple colors in our wardrobe and could be included from casual to work wear. These colors seem to be everywhere lately- from clothes to accessories and there is a way to wear it, that’s is not only classic but very chic. Continue reading


Spring is here and I know I’m a little late for this post but its never too late for a wardrobe update according to seasons. There are hundreds of trends but these are my personal favorite that I want to include in my wardrobe.

This year runway was full of new trends and some trends were from last season. this is the first time we were seeing dressing up: Glitz, Glam, Feathers, Embellishment and to wiggle in pencil skirts, sheer layers, fantastic plastics. But it wasn’t only about it, we also saw sedentary staples which from the foundations of our wardrobes: Trench coats, Denim, Slip dresses. Let’s start with my favorites ones.

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Hello! from the woods, on a winter morning.In all honesty, I love mixing trends and patterns, and that’s exactly what I’m doing here mixing a busy floral printed summer dress and a two-toned cardigan. I love how it came all together and co-ordinated, they make getting ready so easy because you don’t have to think about repeating a dress and it even seems like you have put a lot of effort while getting dressed but actually the fact is I had just grabbed the pieces and wore it, didn’t even thought that it will go together. Let the summer dresses take over this fall season.

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Hey guys! Well, it’s officially time to say goodbye to sunny summers and welcome Autumn/Winter as its already October.

I thought all white outfit would be a nice idea to put together for a day like where it’s not too hot and autumn is on its way cause white is a color we can wear all season, I was very afraid to put all white outfit together, but now after looking at the pics I think its stylish and put-together. I’ll suggest don’t be scared of white on white, just pick familiar pieces and combos and you’re good to go.

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