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It is obvious by now that it’s Finally Fall, but the weather is being crazy lately in my hometown, some days it’s sunny & humid but other days its raining crazy. Don’t get it why the weather is so weird & unpredictable lately this year.

This unpredictable weather is making it difficult to realize us that it’s been fall since past month. But as we are slightly feeling some changes in the season, so I thought of sharing my favorites or Basics for Fall.



Outerwear has to be one of my favorites among basics for fall. As you can not have enough outwears in your closet and doesn’t even have to think much about it because they are staples and goes almost with everything.

Then as it was still sunny and bright so I paired the cropped denim jacket (my outerwear opt for the day) with a black midi dress (a must have in your closet). That’s not the only reason why I paired a dress with my outerwear. As I was heading to an event, I had to be little presentable and put together otherwise I would have opted for a comfortable pair of jeans and a t-shirt layered with a blazer (outwear).


When an outfit is simple & comfortable, it’s the time for little dramatic accessories (over the to, which you won’t wear in your day to day life).

Boots are still not going anywhere, neither in spring/summer nor in autumn/winter. So why not this season let us bring a twist in our basic boots (if not major, make a minor change like I did here) studs added on my basic black boots. Similarly, you can also give a twist to a capsule wardrobe by adding colors, prints, and ornaments to your basic boots. With this, I added my rhinestone big hoops and a statement (studded) bag. That’s all for my basics for fall.IMG_0348

What are your go-to fall staples?



This is mine 😉

Until next time byeee.



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